About me

DeepTech, Impact Investing & People

Technology determines our future – because it is technological breakthroughs that shape our world. And I want to be part of that. DeepTech companies are particularly appealing to me. In other words, those organizations that want to bring their technologies into everyday use in a scalable way – preferably sustainably and permanently. I enjoy being at the interface between innovation, scaling, and industrial utilization. Because that’s where you find exciting people, interesting business ideas, and the chance for a better future.


Short vita

Stefan Fritz is an author, founder, entrepreneur and investor. He founded his first company while still studying physics, which was soon followed by others. As the founder of synaix GmbH, he has built up numerous digital as-a-service and platform business models as well as software-based solution portfolios over 25 years. Today, he is a partner at PRIMEPULSE, an investment company that focuses on B2B DeepTech business models for venture capital, SMEs and listed companies.

My mission

DeepTech companies, digital business models, and sustainable financing concepts are what I am most interested in. In my blog, I write about current topics in these areas and am always looking to connect with like-minded people. I occasionally travel around Europe as a keynote speaker – but I much prefer to help start-ups and investors make smart decisions. It is not only because of my role as a father of three that I want to contribute to shaping a resource-conserving and future-friendly world.

My book

Impact investing makes it possible to combine the seemingly contradictory goals of generating returns and improving the world. Impact investing and impact entrepreneurship are the alignment of corporate processes with a positive social and ecological impact. Entrepreneurs, investors, employees, customers, and suppliers are actively involved in the process. The impact idea thus offers a fresh, integrative approach to realigning existing forms of business and creating innovative value chains. This book is the ideal starting point for managers, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who wants to actively invest in our common future.

Impact X

In my interview format Impact X, I talk to people from the DeepTech sector about companies, technologies, markets and the things it takes to change the world. It’s about close-up insights into successes, challenges and the things that aren’t going so well. It’s about openness and the concrete. Impact X is a network for entrepreneurs who make a difference – new perspectives are presented here and tested for their suitability for everyday use in discussions.