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Impact investing - investing in the future​

Impact investing makes it possible to combine the seemingly contradictory goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth. The impact idea thus offers a fresh, integrative approach to realigning existing forms of business and creating innovative value chains. This book provides a compact overview of the most important facets of impact investing and impact entrepreneurship. At the same time, current frameworks, best practice examples and checklists are presented. All this makes this guide an ideal starting point for managers, founders, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone who wants to invest in our common future.

How we can save our world from destruction with impact investing​

When it comes to shaping the future, sustainability and profitability are usually at odds with each other. However, the trade-offs resulting from this conflict bring little progress. Too little, to be precise – because our planet is in a bad state: Global warming is steadily increasing, ecosystems are at critical tipping points and humanity is watching helplessly. Fortunately, there is a concept that enables new perspectives and innovative solutions to problems: impact investing.

What is impact investing?

Impact investing makes it possible to combine the seemingly contradictory goals of generating returns and improving the world. Impact investing and impact entrepreneurship are the alignment of corporate processes with a positive social and ecological impact. The purpose of the company is therefore adapted to social goals so that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Entrepreneurs, investors, employees, customers, and suppliers are actively involved in the process.

The impact investing method

A measurable incentive system for economic and sustainable goals is the core idea behind impact investing. Cycle systems form the organizational basis. Based on the EU’s 17 sustainability goals, existing ESG frameworks and process frameworks such as IOOI, SFDR and Shared Value, an individual sustainability logic can be created for each company that specifically promotes growth and profitability. Impact investors can therefore expect an equal or better return with a lower risk.

A guide to sustainable corporate management

This book provides a concise overview of the most important facets of impact investing and impact entrepreneurship. At the same time, current frameworks and practical concepts are outlined so that what has been read can be applied directly. This impact investing book is therefore the ideal starting point for managers, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who wants to actively invest in our common future.

Impact investors and impact entrepreneurship

The idea of impact investing cannot be realized solely through impact investors. Although they provide the necessary funds and a strategy, the operational implementation is carried out by the impact entrepreneur. Impact entrepreneurs develop sustainable and innovative business ideas; they create new products and services and ensure that these are implemented at company level.

Impact entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship

Founders who develop new business areas based on the impact logic are referred to as impact entrepreneurs. They create new companies that are geared towards sustainability goals. Social entrepreneurship is a special type of business that focuses its efforts on achieving social goals. A social entrepreneur is therefore primarily committed to bringing about positive change in society and puts the profit motive to one side.

Invest sustainably, reduce risks - increase returns!

With the help of impact investing, sustainability, profitability, and growth can be combined. It is therefore a forward-looking alternative to traditional value investing that offers exciting fields of activity. This book describes what these are and how each of us can start implementing the impact idea immediately. We need to do the right things today so that we can achieve a positive return for our ecological and social systems tomorrow. This is the only way our planet still has a chance. Let’s invest in a better future together – the time to act is now!

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