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PRIMEPULSE is the investment company of four pure-blooded entrepreneurs Klaus Weinmann, Stefan Kober, Raymond Kober, and Stefan Fritz. We invest primarily in companies in the DeepTech (B2B) sector, which we actively support on their growth path across various asset classes. We are convinced that sustainable innovations and digital technologies can contribute to a better world.T

From later stage investments to listed

We invest in technology-oriented companies at an early stage, accompany their growth, their IPO and support them in going public. We support established SMEs in their further development and transformation process. We also invest in listed companies and encourage them to implement new strategies and conquer new markets. We do all of this in an active entrepreneurial form, with many years of industry and capital market expertise.


CANCOM is in our PRIMEPULSE genes. Klaus Weinmann, Stefan Kober, and Raymond Kober founded CANCOM in 1992, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 1999 and is now listed on the MDAX and developed it into a billion-euro group. In 2017 Stefan Fritz became part of the picture by selling his company to CANCOM, and in 2019 joined PRIMEPULSE as a shareholder and partner to the successful trio of founders and entrepreneurs.

Purpose & values

They form the basis of our actions, open our eyes, and create meaning. Capital can achieve a lot, but a purpose-driven team can achieve even more.